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Best Places to Visit in Athens


Athens could be the capital city of Greece with a registered metropolitan population of 3.7 million inhabitants, but indeed you will find 5 million people estimated. It’s in many ways the birthplace of Classical Greece, and therefore of Western civilization. The look of the city is marked by Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman civilizations. Today, greater Athens is definitely the economic, political and cultural center of modern Greece, with nearly half the country’s population.The weather in Athens is the kind of Mediterranean found in a great many other coastal cities in southern Europe like Barcelona, Valencia and Palermo. The simple truth is though that the Athenian weather may vary from area to area for reasons like it’s influence from the urban heat island that is present in many metropolises around the world, it’s distance from the sea and it’s altitude. Athens airport is really a major hub in the Aegean, Balkan and East Mediterranean regions. Air Canada, American and Delta maintain non-stop flights from North America on a seasonal basis only, while a sizable quantity of European carriers fly straight into Athens. The 2 amazing things in Athens is wandering through the gorgeous State Botanical Garden of Georgia and eating at uniquely named homemade. This restaurant attempts to meet up all your insatiable Southern needs — from tomato pie and deviled eggs to pepper jelly pecans and fried chicken. Unique among Athens’local breweries, Akademia sports a complete food menu 7 days a week, including brunch. Situated on Atlanta Highway near the mall, Akademia has ample space to disseminate, both outside on its expansive patio and inside in a sizable event space available for rent that’s capable of seating 100 people. The closest to Athens of all the Cyclades, Kea is really a game of two halves. The yacht set flirt over lobster spaghetti in the bays of Vourkari and Koundouros, while purists commune with nature in the oak-clad hills, where sheep huddle around ice-cold springs and farmers till their fields with donkeys. Whatever your island style, don’t miss out the incredible (and incredibly remote) ruins of Karthea, with a temple and Amphitheatre overlooking a sunken city.

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